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So What's This Place All About, Anyway?

It's a studio!  Wolf's Den is a cozy, laid-back, and stress-free place to record your music.  

Wolf's Den is a DIY labor of love!  I've been playing in bands and recording for a number of years now, and I'd love to work with you, too!  Recording is a process, and it should be a fun one.  Some of my favorite times have been in the studio, and I want to share that with people who make groovy music.  Who doesn't love groovy music?

Every step of the way, the goal here is to work with people to get their recordings to where they want it to be.  At Wolf's Den, you're involved in every bit of your project, and I'm just here to help.  We'll even work with you on pricing. Check out the services page to find out more about that.

The space its self has a live/drum room, control room, and lounge/game room for your recording pleasure.  It's a cozy space with a lot of character, and a homey creative atmosphere.

Meet Lobo, The Recording Guy

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site!  In case you were interested to know, here's a quick little bio about myself.


Born and bred in Evanston, IL, I've been playing in bands since 12 years old when I blew 2 year's allowance on my first drum set.  In high school, I joined a ska band and decided that music was it for me.

So, I went to college for music and recording tech and picked up one of those degrees for it.  The education was great, but even better was all the bands I got to play with and people I got to work with in my garage-turned-home studio.  I've been collecting any gear I could and recording any project I could ever since.

Now I'm back home in Chicago and my musical other half -- the incomparable Bernadette Conant of her own and Bernie & The Wolf acclaim -- and I have poured ourselves into putting together a recording space where we could keep doing what we love.  And we'd love to help you put together a great recording.

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